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Increase coverage
Our partners network includes all major sports media outlets in Russia and CIS with a monthly reach of more than 30 million people. Upload your video
and get millions of sports fans' views!
Simplify interaction
You do not need to interact with each media separately. We will automatically notify all editors of the new video and give them online access to your content
Bring the audience
Due to SPORTRECS widgets, you can effectively interact with the audience and bring it to your desired target: selling tickets, subscribing to a video service, selling merchandising, etc.
For Media Outlets
Collect video
Every day the SPORTRECS catalog is updated with new videos from sports Rightholders - right after the event!
We send you notifications about the appearance of relevant videos so that you can quickly insert them into your news
SPORTRECS video player allows you to append pre-roll ADs before the video starts and monetize your news traffic
How it works?
Uploads a video immediately after the event (highlights, moments, interviews,
press-conferences etc.)
Sends notifications to media editors about the appearance of a new video and sends a link to the player

News Media Editor
Goes into a personal account, copies the link to the player and adds the video to the news
Go to the news on the media website, read the news and watch the video.
Views are growing!
  • " UFC uses SPORTRECS for fast and effective distribution of highlights to sports media outlets in Russia and CIS. We are very pleased with the results of our work with the service as well as with it's vast functionality that helps achieve our goals"
    Andrew Gromkovskiy
    Vice-President UFC Russia
  • " SPORTRECS provides us with the quickest videos for our news. It has an easy-to-use video player with the latest content, notification system of new videos for editors. The player supports our video ADs insertion so what can be possibly better for sports media?
    Ivan Makarov
    Deputy Editor-in-Chief, RBK
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