July 27, 2021 7:00 PM

IMMAF Asian Open Championship. Finals

Final fights of the Asian open championship 2019

The International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) was founded on 29 February 2012 as the international governing body for amateur MMA. Registered as a non-profit organisation under Swedish law, IMMAF serves as a democratic hub for national MMA federations and supports the growth of regulation and sport safety globally by aiding countries in the formation of federations where none exist. IMMAF launched with support of market leader, the UFC, which is among promotions sanctioned by federations under the IMMAF umbrella in countries that include Brazil and Sweden.

Amateurs from Bahrain, China, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Thailand, as well as France, Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand took part in the Asian Open Championship IMMAF 2019. In our collection are the final fights of the tournament in different weight categories.