June 30, 2021 7:00 PM

51st Ali Aliev memory tournament. Tatami A. Finals. Day 3

Final fights of the tournament on tatami A

Freestyle wrestling is a combat sport and an Olympic sport, which consists in a duel of two athletes according to certain rules, using various techniques (grabs, throws, coups, sweeps, etc.), in which each of the rivals tries to put the other on his shoulder blades and win. In freestyle wrestling, unlike Greco-Roman and belt wrestling, grabbing the opponent’s legs, sweeping and active use of the legs when performing any technique are allowed. Modern freestyle wrestling is an Olympic and amateur sport.

The 51st Ali Aliyev International Freestyle Wrestling Tournament, one of the oldest in the calendar of the United World Wrestling (UWW), was held in Kaspiysk.

The tournament is traditionally one of the main sports competitions in the Republic of Dagestan, through which almost all the strongest Dagestan freestyle wrestlers have passed. Many leading athletes from the former republics of the USSR and far abroad also participate in it.

In our collection there are day 3 final fights of the tournament on tatami A.