May 10, 2021 7:00 PM

Euroleague 20/21. Play off. The best

The best assists, dunks and 3-pointers of quarterfinals

Euroleague is a European basketball tournament among professional men’s clubs from countries members of FIBA Europe.

Three-point throws require perfect execution, technique brought to automatism, control of the legs, and the correctness of the throw itself. Therefore, the implementation of three-pointers is less than that of other shots.

Slam-dunk is a type of hammering in basketball, in which a player jumps up and with one or both hands throws the ball through the ring from top to bottom. Such a throw is estimated as a regular one - 2 points.

Assisting pass - a pass to a player who subsequently hit the opponent’s ring. An effective pass is counted in the final score sheet. The passer is responsible for the accuracy, timeliness, speed of the pass, its surprise for the opponents and for the convenience of handling the ball. Basic rules: «Not sure - do not give» and «The giver is to blame.» The player passing the ball is responsible for ensuring that the ball reaches the addressee; in 95% of interceptions and losses, the passer is to blame.

Our selection includes the best examples of craftsmanship and beauty from the Euroleague 20/21 quarterfinals.