March 24, 2021 3:00 PM

5 reasons to watch ladies basketball

Brazil ladies can amazed on the court

Basketball is a team sport in which two teams, most commonly of five players each, opposing one another on a rectangular court, compete with the primary objective of shooting a basketball through the defender’s hoop while preventing the opposing team from shooting through their own hoop. A field goal is worth two points, unless made from behind the three-point line, when it is worth three.

Founded in May 2010, LBF was born with the purpose of contributing to the revival of women’s basketball and returning the sport to the place it has always deserved in Brazilian sport. Among other duties, granted by the clubs that are part of it, the entity is committed to developing and improving the level of women’s basketball both in technical and organizational aspects, in addition to making efforts for the growth and modernization of members.

In our collection some reviews of the LBF games which will make you a fan of the league.