Egyptian Badminton Federation

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The Egyptian Badminton Federation was established in 9/1991, We have 34 Club playing Badminton in Egypt and 15 clubs for para Badminton. There are 3500 Player and 156 Para Badminton Players. We Organize Every Year National tournaments as follow: 5 Junior Individual Championships (U11-U13-U15); 6 Senior individual Championships (U17-U19-Seniors); 5 Doubles Championship (U13-U15-U17-U19-Seniors); 6 Team Event Championships; 6 Egyptian Federation Cup. In total 28 Tournaments every year also we organize 2 Para Badminton tournaments every Year. We organize Egypt international Every Year and a lot of countries participate in it, 32 Country also a lot of tournament organized in Egypt as follow: Africa U 15 Championship 2015, Egypt international 2015,2016,2017, Mediterranean Championship 2016, Egypt junior 2017, Egypt international 2018,2019, Uper Cup and All Africa Senior 2020 (Thomas).