Uganda Badminton Association

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Uganda Badminton Association was created in the 1960's, but Badminton as a sport had existed in the Country from as early as 1940. However the game gained popularity in the late 1980's played mainly in Universities,Schools and at club levels in Major towns. Since then Badminton in Uganda has seen only a rise with a first in Olympic participation in East and Central Africa , and a silver medal in All Africa Games. Uganda has been a dominant force in Badminton since 1980 to date in East and Central Africa, and aims at taking over Africa and eventually the whole World. The Uganda Badminton Association is a member of the Badminton Confederation of Africa (BCA) and the World Badminton Federation (BWF). Our Drive is the desire and need to see badminton Played at a competitive level at every corner of Uganda. The headquarters of UBA are in Kampala at Sharing Youth Centre Nsambya.